A Mercedes-Benz Driver’s Guide To Tire Safety

May 27th, 2021 by

Don’t roll into National Tire Safety Month (or any month, for that matter) without knowing these top tire safety tips! 

Don’t Tire Of Routine

Follow these 2 routine tire maintenance tips:  

  1. Check Your Tire Pressure –  With tires losing pressure over time, it is best to consistently check your tire pressure. Visit Fletcher Jones Motorcars Service Drive in Newport Beach, CA to have our Team quickly check it for you! (P.S. Check out our Tire PSI Recommendation Guide.)

  3. Routine Tire Rotations – Ensure your tires wear in a more uniform manner, allowing for a longer lifespan. Details here

Additional Tire Information 


  • Tire Balancing- If you notice your steering wheel vibrating or hear a humming noise while driving in Orange County, it may be time to have a Fletcher Jones Motorcars technician check to see if your tires are correctly balanced. More information here


  • Tire Alignment – If you notice pulling, a pulsing steering wheel and increased road noise in the driver’s seat, your tires may need repositioning. Learn more here



  • How To Find Your Tire Size – It’s always good to know how to find your tire size. Learn how here