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Mercedes-Benz Tire PSI Recommendations

In order to maintain the right Mercedes-Benz C 300 tire psi, you first need to know what your tire pressure should be. The recommended tire pressure can change depending on your Mercedes-Benz model and what tire types you’re choosing to use. Fletcher Jones Motorcars’s tire and wheel center put together some figures below, along with sharing how you can find more specific information for your vehicle. 

Guide to Mercedes-Benz Tire PSI 

The guide to Mercedes-Benz tire psi below includes numbers for entry-level configurations within each lineup. If you want to confirm the figures for your vehicle, you’ll find a guide when you open your fuel filler cap. What’s more, a number of newer Mercedes-Benz models also come equipped with tire pressure monitors that can help to alert you when your Mercedes-Benz C 300 tire psi dips below recommended levels. Meanwhile, you can use the following as a guideline:

Mercedes-Benz Coupes

AMG® GT Coupe

  • Front Tires- 36 psi
  • Rear Tires- 39 psi

CLA Coupe

  • Front Tires- 39 psi
  • Rear Tires- 39 psi

CLS Coupe

  • Front Tires- 40 to 42 psi
  • Rear Tires- 47 to 49 psi

Mercedes-Benz Sedans


  • Front Tires- 39 psi
  • Rear Tires- 39 psi


  • Front Tires- 38 to 40 psi
  • Rear Tires- 44 to 47 psi


  • Front Tires- 33 to 39 psi
  • Rear Tires- 38 to 46 psi


  • Front Tires- 36 psi
  • Rear Tires- 39 psi

Mercedes-Benz SUVs


  • Front Tires- 43 to 47 psi
  • Rear Tires- 43 to 47 psi


  • Front Tires- 43 to 47 psi
  • Rear Tires- 43 to 47 psi


  • Front Tires- 35 psi
  • Rear Tires- 42 psi


  • Front Tires- 31 to 38 psi
  • Rear Tires- 39 to 48 psi


  • Front Tires- 35 to 41 psi
  • Rear Tires- 43 to 44 psi

Mercedes-Benz Vans

Metris Van

  • Front Tires- 44 psi
  • Rear Tires- 44 psi 

Sprinter Van

  • Front Tires- 46 psi
  • Rear Tires- 70 psi

Importance of Tire Pressure 

If your Mercedes-Benz GLA 250 tire psi is within the ideal levels, you’ll be able to avoid a list of problems that can arise from tires that are either under or overinflated. These problems include: 

  • Uneven and excessive tire wear
  • Increased frequency of tire replacements
  • Tires bursting while driving
  • Negative impacts on braking and maneuvering

While it may be tempting to move topping off your tires to the bottom of your to-do list, taking the time to check your tire pressure can prevent larger issues in the long run.

Let Fletcher Jones Motorcars Help With Your Tires Near Irvine

From Corona Del Mar to Huntington Beach, Fletcher Jones Motorcars has made a name for itself by providing first-class service at our tire and wheel center. From checking your Mercedes-Benz C 300 tire psi when you’re in for another service, to helping you find replacement tires when the time comes, you can rely on us to help you preserve your vehicle’s performance. Schedule an appointment to get started!

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