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How To Find the Tire Size on your Mercedes-Benz

Image of a Tire with tire sizes

Your Mercedes-Benz vehicle’s tires are among its most important components, which is why understanding tire size is crucial. But, if you’re like many Irvine drivers, you might not know exactly where to find your model’s tire size. Where is the tire size number located? 

Take a look at this comprehensive guide put together by the service center at Fletcher Jones Motorcars to learn how to check tire sizes on your Mercedes-Benz!

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Where Is the Tire Size Number?

Your tire information isn’t found in the owner’s manual. It’s found in two places: on the side of the tire or the inside of the driver’s side door. It’ll be a series of seven letters and seven numbers that can be initially hard to read. Luckily, we’ve broken down the tire size numbers and how to read them below, so Costa Mesa drivers like you can understand exactly how to find out your Mercedes-Benz tire’s size.

Why Is Knowing Your Tire Size Important? 

Some Laguna Beach drivers might not understand why it’s important to even know the size of a vehicle’s tire. Knowing how big a tire is will help determine how much the tire might cost and where the type of tire can be located. It’ll also help our technicians properly replace or repair any tires on a vehicle that comes to our shop.

Understanding Tire Size Numbers

The biggest challenge in learning how to check tire sizes is learning how to read the numbers. Whether you find the numbers on the side of one of your Mercedes-Benz vehicle’s tires or the inside of the driver’s side door, they should look something like this: P215/65R15 95H.

If you’re not understanding this tire size number, then don’t worry! We’ve broken down what each number and letter means below:

Tire Size Example: P215/65R15 95H

  • P: In this example, “P” stands for “P-Metric tire”, which means that the vehicle is used for passenger vehicles. If you see something like “LT”, then this means light-weight trucks.

  • 215: This number after the first letter stands for the tire’s width in millimeters. 

  • 65: This number is the percentage of the tire’s height in relation to the width. In this example, the tire’s height is equal to 65% of its width. 

  • R: This shows the construction of the tire. In this case, “R” means radial. 

  • 15: This number shows the tire size from front to end in inches. In this example, “15” indicates that the vehicle can fit a 15-inch tire. 

  • 95: This is the tire’s load index and speed rating. In this example, “95” shows how much weight the tire can support when fully inflated. “H” shows how fast the tire can go based on its load capacity. Different letters serve as different rankings for various speeds.

Do you need to know all of these numbers to know what your tire’s sizes are? The most important numbers you’ll want to search for are the first number after the letter and the second-to-last number. In this case, those would be “215” and “15”. 

Find the Right Tires for Your Mercedes-Benz in Newport Beach

Want to learn more about Mercedes-Benz tires? Visit our tire & wheel center to shop through our online specials, learn more about the types of tires we carry, and why you should trust Fletcher Jones Motorcars for all of your Mercedes-Benz tire needs. We’re proud to keep our customers driving smoothly on the Orange County roads for many miles to come.


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