What is Mercedes-Benz COMAND®?

S-Class Interior

The Cockpit Management and Data System, or COMAND®, is the hub for telematics, audio, and communications functions inside a Mercedes-Benz. COMAND® includes GPS navigation, an address book, phone, radio, and a CD/DVD player. In new Mercedes-Benz cars like the SL-Class, this system is managed via a color display and central controller (touchpad controller for select models). Learn more about the many functions of COMAND® below!

Key COMAND® Components

  • COMAND® Display: Vehicles like CLA and C-Class have a glass-fronted freestanding central display, while higher tier models the E-Class and S-Class have large screens embedded into the dash.
  • COMAND® Controller: The central controller includes a knob and hard keys for easy scrolling and selection. Touchpad controllers are optional for many new models and operate like a tablet with a pinch, swipe, and handwriting functions.
  • COMAND® Navigation: COMAND® navigation is standard on most of the higher-tier models. This system displays 3D maps, saves Points of Interest in Irvine and Costa Mesa, and can also receive destinations sent from the mbrace® Mobile App.

What Can You Do with COMAND®?

  • Make Hands-Free Calls: With Bluetooth®, it’s easy to scroll through phonebooks on the COMAND® display and place/receive calls without taking your hands off the steering wheel.
  • Connect to WiFi: Built-in WiFi is optional for many of the new Mercedes-Benz vehicles. This feature, coupled with COMAND®, allows you to browse the internet using the display and central controller.
  • Integrate a Smartphone: iPhone or Android smartphone users who own a Mercedes-Benz equipped with Apple CarPlay® or Android Auto™ are able to access these features via the COMAND® system.

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