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How to Set Up Apple CarPlay® in Your Mercedes-Benz

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Are you the proud owner of a new Mercedes-Benz like the SLC Roadster? If so, you may be wondering how to set up Apple CarPlay®. Fortunately, it’s easy! Fletcher Jones Motorcars of Newport Beach explains how to connect to Apple CarPlay® with a USB cord and how to wirelessly connect via Bluetooth®* in properly equipped models, below.

How to Connect to Apple CarPlay® with a USB Cord

  • Using a USB cord, connect your iPhone® to the USB port with the smartphone integration symbol.
  • If you’re connecting to Apple CarPlay® for the first time, you’ll see this message: “A new Apple CarPlay® device has been connected. How should Apple CarPlay® be started?” You’ll be given a choice between “Automatically” and “Manually.”
  • Choose “Automatically” to make connecting your primary smartphone easier each time you enter your car.
  • Choose “Manually” if a passenger is connecting their iPhone® to share music, directions to a destination in Irvine, etc.
  • You can now access your smartphone’s functions via the controller/touchpad controller, hard keys, or Siri®.

How to Wirelessly Connect to Apple CarPlay®

If you’re driving a newer Mercedes-Benz in Costa Mesa, it may be equipped with wireless Apple CarPlay®. Here’s how to wirelessly connect to Apple CarPlay® using Bluetooth®* integration:

  • Open your iPhone® settings and navigate to Bluetooth®*, make sure your phone is in discoverable mode
  • On the main touchscreen display in your Mercedes-Benz, click on Phone, then select “connect device”
  • If this is your first time wirelessly connecting your phone, click “connect new device”
  • Select your iPhone® when the device name appears on the screen
  • Your iPhone® will prompt you to accept the passcode to connect it to your vehicle’s display; click to accept it
  • Next, your iPhone® will ask you to allow it to sync your contacts and favorites to your vehicle’s display; click to allow it
  • On the main vehicle display, click “Accept and Start Apple CarPlay®” after reading the Data Protection Notice
  • Your iPhone® is now wirelessly connected to your vehicle’s main display via Apple CarPlay®! You can access your entire phone right from the touch display.

What Can You Do with Apple CarPlay®?

Once setup is complete, you can use Apple CarPlay® for everything from making hands-free calls, to streaming music, to navigating:

  • Make Phone Calls: Say the name of your contact aloud, and Apple CarPlay® will place the call for you—no hands necessary.
  • Dictate Text Messages: Choose a contact, dictate your message, say, “Send,” and you’re done!
  • Stay Entertained: Listen to your favorite tunes or stream a podcast while you cruise around Laguna Beach.
  • Navigation: Use Apple Maps to conveniently search for coffee shops, restaurants, theatres, and other points of interest in Orange County. Or, if you prefer Google Maps, this is also compatible with Apple CarPlay®.
  • Quick COMAND® Access: To adjust your seat, in-cabin temperature, ambient lighting, etc., select the “Mercedes-Benz” icon on the Apple CarPlay® screen, or press the appropriate hard key on the dash. This will take you back to the COMAND® system.

Start Exploring Apple CarPlay® Apps

Apple CarPlay® enables you to enjoy a more connected drive in Corona Del Mar. In addition to giving you access to your phone and messages, many of your favorite iOS apps are compatible with Apple CarPlay®. Here are some of the most popular Apple CarPlay® apps to explore:

  • Apple Music and Apple Podcasts
  • Spotify
  • Waze
  • TuneIn® Radio
  • Audible
  • WhatsApp
  • NPR One
  • iHeartRadio
  • and many more!

What Phones are Compatible?

As you may have surmised, Apple CarPlay® is only compatible with Apple iPhone® devices. So long as you’re using an iPhone® 5 or newer model, you’ll have no problem connecting your device.

Learn More About Apple CarPlay® from Fletcher Jones Motorcars of Newport Beach!

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*Bluetooth® is a registered mark of Bluetooth® SIG, Inc.
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