The Feature That Can Parallel Park for You

March 30th, 2018 by

Don’t have a lot of confidence in your parking abilities? There’s a feature for that—at least for Mercedes-Benz drivers there is! Mercedes-Benz models equipped with Active Parking Assist does all the hard work for you.

mercedes-Benz park assist


What is Mercedes-Benz Active Parking Assist?

Those of us who have visited Corona Del Mar in Orange County during peak tourist season are probably familiar with the hassle of finding and attempting to squeeze into a parking spot. Active Parking Assist searches for suitable parallel or perpendicular parking spaces to either side as you drive by. Choose a space to pull or back into, and it can expertly shift, steer and brake for you. When it’s time to leave, it can also steer you back out.

In any low-speed maneuver, sensors in the front and rear bumpers help detect nearby objects within their field of view while audible signals and illuminated displays in the cabin help you navigate tight spaces with confidence.


How to Use Mercedes-Benz Active Parking Assist

Watch this quick how-to video on using Mercedes-Benz Active Parking Assist to see the magic happen behind the wheel.

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