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Mercedes-Benz Electric Service Center

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What’s the difference between Mercedes-Benz all-electric tires and internal combustion engine (ICE) tires? How long does it take to charge a Mercedes-Benz all-electric vehicle? We know that Irvine drivers have questions, especially if they’re considering making the switch to a Mercedes-Benz all-electric vehicle. That’s where we come in. As a leading expert on all things related to Mercedes-Benz all-electric vehicles, Fletcher Jones Motorcars knows how to perform routine maintenance and serious repairs. 

We can also answer all of your questions about Mercedes-Benz all-electric models. Take a look at everything related to owning and operating a Mercedes-Benz all-electric vehicle. Then, if you already drive an electric model, schedule service at our state-of-the-art service center to keep your Mercedes-Benz all-electric vehicle running like new.

Your Authorized Electric Mercedes-Benz Service Center

Fletcher Jones Motorcars Service Center is your authorized Mercedes-Benz Electric Service Center in Orange County. Our Team of Certified Mercedes-Benz Technicians is equipped with the latest knowledge, refined skillset, and hands-on experience for servicing Mercedes-Benz electric vehicles. We perform routine Mercedes-Benz electric vehicle maintenance, complimentary tire pressure checks, Mercedes-Benz electric battery health checks, Mercedes-Benz electric vehicle repairs, and more.

Our Newport Beach Service Center stocks your preferred Mercedes-Benz tires, uses only genuine Mercedes-Benz parts, and offers monthly service specials. Guests enjoy access to our unparalleled expertise in the Mercedes-Benz electric vehicle sector, a lounge for relaxing with coffee (or catching up on work emails), and complimentary Mercedes-Benz electric vehicle loaners. It’s the Fletcher Jones Difference. Book your Mercedes-Benz service appointment today.

Services We Provide

Do electric vehicles (EVs) need oil replacements? Do electric vehicles need wiper fluid? EVs don’t have a combustion engine, so no engine oil is needed. However, they do require other fluids and services similar to ICE vehicles. 

What kinds of services can Costa Mesa drivers receive at Fletcher Jones Motorcars to keep their EV running like new? Services we provide range from battery service to brake service and so much more.

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Mercedes-Benz Electric Maintenance Guide

While Huntington Beach EV drivers don’t ever have to schedule an oil change for their Mercedes-Benz, there are other services that are required to keep their vehicle performing at its best. Here are some recommended services for Mercedes-Benz all-electric vehicles:

Maintenance Item
EQE & EQS Variants
Tire Rotation
1 year / 12,500 miles
1 year / 10,000 miles
Activated Charcoal Filter
1 year / 12,500 miles
2 years / 20,000 miles
2 years / 25,000 miles
2 years / 20,000 miles
Brake Fluid
2 years / 25,000 miles
2 years / 20,000 miles
Fine Particle HEPA Fileter
6 years / 60,000 miles
Coolant for HV Battery Circuit
10 years / 125,000 miles
12 years / 120,000 miles

Electric FAQs - Common Customer Concerns

Many Laguna Beach drivers might not think about it, but Mercedes-Benz all-electric tires usually wear out faster than vehicles with standard combustion engines. That’s because, even though they don’t have an engine, EVs are heavier than gas-powered cars, which wear out the tires faster. 

Here are some other commonly asked questions regarding the differences between Mercedes-Benz all-electric vehicles and gas-powered vehicles:

Why are EV Tires more Expensive when compared to ICE tires?

They are made specifically for EV vehicles. Features like robust rubber compounds, sound absorbing foam, and specialized side walls and tread patterns help reduce road noise, withstand heavier weight, and compensate for increased torque (and better traction)

Why do EV tires wear so fast?

EV tires wear faster because EVs are typically heavier than their ICE counterparts. MB uses a softer rubber to allow for a quiet and smooth ride.

Why doesn't it charge to full capacity in 30 minutes?

The battery state of charge, the Kw output from the charger, the vehicles input capacity, the batteries temperature and of course the size of the battery all factor into charging time.

Why is my range low?

Road conditions, driving style, & climate all impact range. Ask questions and perform diagnostic assessment on the vehicle before giving a response.

What happens if I run out of charge on a road trip?

Using Navigation with Electric Intelligence will help plot charging stations along your route. If a customer were to run out of charge, they should contact the EQ and Maybach Premier line (855)-502-3851. Free roadside assistance will be provided.

How do I use the RFID card to charge?

The RFID card is one of the simplest ways to start a charging session. Customers just need to hold the RFID card to the reader on the station (usually marked with a symbol similar to the below.) After a few seconds, the station will visually / audibly respond. Please not that RFID cards are not compatible with Electrify America stations.

Electric How-To Tutorials

It’s one thing to know how to own and operate an EV, but it’s another thing to know how to own and operate a Mercedes-Benz all-electric vehicle. With unique technology features and advanced driving systems, Mercedes-Benz all-electric vehicles are sure to enhance your drives around Orange County in ways no other car can. 

Take a look at some tutorials we’ve put together that show you how to use the unique features of Mercedes-Benz all-electric vehicles:

Benefits of Servicing with Fletcher Jones

Why service your Mercedes-Benz all-electric vehicle at Fletcher Jones Motorcars? Compared to other dealerships in Newport Beach, we offer exceptional guest amenities to make your time spent with us more enjoyable. Plus, we offer plenty of service specials to help you get the best rate on every service visit. 

But, that’s just the start. Here are some benefits of servicing with us you won’t find anywhere else:

Service Specials

Service Specials

We offer competitive pricing on all maintenance, service & brake repairs for your Mercedes-Benz. View our current service specials!

Tire Center

Tire Center

Thousands of Mercedes Original tires in stock! Plus, we will match any pricing from local competitors.

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