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How to Use Mercedes me connect App to Find Mercedes-EQ Charging Stations

You will need to 1) Download the Mercedes me connect App on your mobile device and 2) Create an account for the Mercedes me connect.

  1. Open your Mercedes me connect application on your mobile device.

  2. Tap the Navigation icon. The icon is located in the lower, right hand corner of the Mercedes me connect application. It is the third and final icon in the row of 3 icons.

  3. The Navigation icon will open a map displaying your current location.

  4. To display nearby Mercedes-EQ charging stations, tap the Charging Stations icon. The icon is found below the search bar and to the left of Parking ___.

  5. After tapping Charging Stations, all nearby Mercedes-EQ charging stations will display both 1) on the map and 2) as a list below the map.

  6. Tap on your preferred Mercedes-EQ charging station to send the location to your MBUX Navigation System.

  7. MBUX Navigation will display directions on the screen for you. Follow the directions to the Mercedes-EQ charging stations and start your charging session.



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