What is Mercedes-Benz ATTENTION ASSIST®?

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ATTENTION ASSIST® gives Costa Mesa drivers added peace of mind during long trips, as well as during their daily commutes to work in Irvine. Learn more about how Mercedes-Benz ATTENTION ASSIST® safety technology works, along with which new models offer it, from the team at Fletcher Jones Motorcars.

How Does Mercedes-Benz ATTENTION ASSIST® Work?

An industry-first by Mercedes-Benz, ATTENTION ASSIST® uses a sensor and detailed algorithm to detect fatigued driving behavior. See how it works below:

  • ATTENTION ASSIST® analyzes driving behavior in the first few minutes of your ride and assesses your personal driving techniques using over 70 parameters.
  • While you are driving, ATTENTION ASSIST® identifies certain steering corrections that indicate drowsiness and fatigue. ATTENTION ASSIST® also considers external factors, including road conditions, crosswinds, and your interaction with vehicle controls.
  • After considering these external factors, ATTENTION ASSIST® will send you an alert that suggests you take a break from driving if it determines that your driving behavior is due to fatigue.

Which Mercedes-Benz Vehicles Offer ATTENTION ASSIST®?

ATTENTION ASSIST® is offered on most new Mercedes-Benz models you’ll find here at Fletcher Jones Motorcars:

Learn More About Mercedes-Benz Safety at Fletcher Jones Motorcars

Contact us to learn more about ATTENTION ASSIST® or other Mercedes-Benz technology features, such as mbrace® and DISTRONIC PLUS®. You can also test out these features for yourself at our dealership! Visit us near Laguna Beach and Corona Del Mar to get behind the wheel of one of our Mercedes-Benz models today.

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