What is Mercedes-Benz mbrace®?

M-brace app on smartphone

Looking at Mercedes-Benz technologies and wondering, “What is mbrace®?” The Mercedes-Benz mbrace® app is a connectivity system that allows you to perform a number of important vehicle functions remotely. Designed to look and function like a virtual Mercedes-Benz key, the mbrace® app is yet another piece of sophisticated technology meant to offer complete peace of mind to Mercedes-Benz owners. Let’s see how it works on new Mercedes-Benz vehicles!

How to Use Mercedes-Benz mbrace®

Watch as one of our Technical Drive Specialists demonstrates how to utilize the basic features of Mercedes-Benz mbrace®.



Video Transcription:

Put your car in your pocket, start your car, unlock and lock your doors, flash your lights, and even sound your horn remotely from the comfort of your smartphone. Hi, I’m Josh Polk. I’m the Service Drive Specialist here at Fletcher Jones Motorcars. I want to show you how to use some of the basic features of your mbrace® today.

The Mercedes-Benz mbrace® home screen is designed to look like a virtual version of your car’s SMART KEY, so that you can conveniently access your vehicle’s features — even when you aren’t behind the wheel.

The remote start for your engine feature lets you start your Mercedes-Benz from up to a mile away. The same can be done with the lock and unlock features on your Mercedes-Benz.

Think you forgot to lock your car? Simply open mbrace® and tap the lock button on your virtual key, press okay to confirm, and, in less than a second, you can rest easy knowing your vehicle is secured.

Know where you want to go but don’t know how to get there? No problem! The “Send a Benz” option, located in the menu options at the bottom of the mbrace® app, lets you search for a point of interest, enter a street address, select an address from your phonebook contacts, or your current location. Just tap your preferred method of choice, and voila!

What Does Mercedes-Benz mbrace® Cost?

The cost to download the Mercedes-Benz mbrace® app, Mercedes me, is actually nothing—it’s free! However, when it comes to accessing the services themselves, pricing can vary depending on what services you want to take advantage of:

  • Remote Access: Standard for the first 5 years
  • Safety & Security: Many vehicles offer 6-month free trial and then $199 a year
  • Travel & Assitance: 3-month free trial and then $20 a month
  • Entertainment: 3-month free trial and then $18 a month

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