How to Unlock Your Door With Your Mercedes-Benz Blade Key

December 10th, 2018 by

Opening car with blade key

Nothing is more inconvenient than a dead car key battery when you need to get somewhere. Luckily, there’s more than one way to unlock your Mercedes-Benz. Fletcher Jones Motorcars breaks down how to access your Mercedes-Benz blade key and how to unlock your door with the blade key below!

Learn How to Unlock Your Mercedes-Benz With Your Blade Key

Video Transcription:

Imagine your key or car battery died and you need to get into your car. Hi, my name’s Alex Dixon with Fletcher Jones Motorcars, and today we’re going to be discussing the Mercedes-Benz blade key. To release the blade key, pull back the switch located at the bottom end of the key fob. Then, gently pull out the blade key. In our sedans, there is a visible key slot located on the driver’s side door handle. Our coupes have the same mechanism, but it’s stylishly hidden from view.

To access the mechanical lock, find the small slot located underneath the door handle. Make sure that the end piece of the blade key is pointing away from the car door, so that you do not scratch it. Take the blade key, and press it into the slot. Then, pull the blade key away from the door. The end cap will release and expose the mechanical lock. At this point, you can insert the blade key and turn it 180 degrees. You can now enter your car. The blade key can also be used to lock and unlock your glove box.

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