What is Mercedes-Benz Car-to-X Communication?

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Graphic rendering of how Car-to-X Communication works on the road from aerial view

Thanks to the Mercedes-Benz innovative car-to-car communication system, known as Car-to-X Communication, Costa Mesa and Laguna Beach drivers no longer have to be surprised by what lies in the roads ahead. By communicating with other Mercedes-Benz vehicles and traffic structures, you can be alerted to potential issues on the roads around Irvine. Learn more about this Mercedes-Benz technology, and then try it out at Fletcher Jones Motorcars.

How Car-to-X Communication Works

The easy Car-to-X Communication works completely autonomously, which means it doesn’t require input from you or other drivers to work. Giving you information outside of your range of vision, this car-to-car communication system operates in the following ways:

  • Information is exchanged between vehicles and traffic infrastructure, like traffic lights, via radios around Huntington Beach.
  • Mercedes-Benz vehicles with Car-to-X Communication also send warnings and alerts to other drivers all on their own.
  • The vehicle will receive a hazard warning and compare the hazard’s location to that of the vehicle.
  • When approaching the hazard, audible and visual alerts are transmitted to the driver, so that they can prepare for the situation or adjust driving patterns.

Car-to-X Communication Information

This advanced car-to-car communication system provides Orange County drivers with a bounty of useful information while navigating the roadways. From saving time to helping prevent accidents, Car-to-X Communication will provide drivers with the following information:

  • Notifications of emergency vehicles approaching and from which direction
  • Warnings of wrong-way drivers
  • Notifications of accidents
  • Alerts to locations of heavy traffic congestion

Benefits of a Car-to-Car Communication System

Mercedes-Benz Car-to-X Communication supplies drivers with critical information they would otherwise be lacking during their drive. Having early access to this information means drivers can:

  • Be alert to emergency vehicles and pull to the side of the road
  • Change course to avoid time lost in traffic jams
  • Stay alert to potential causes of accidents
  • Make the roads more efficient, as avoiding accidents allows traffic to flow more freely.

In addition to these benefits, Mercedes-Benz is working with other dealers to expand the Car-to-X Communication network for a more connected road system. They are also releasing Drive Kit Plus to integrate the system with the customer’s iPhone.

Learn About More Mercedes-Benz Technologies at Fletcher Jones Motorcars

Mercedes-Benz strives to bring shoppers around Corona Del Mar technology to maximize convenience and boost safety while they’re behind the wheel. Experience more of these technologies, such as PRESAFE® and DISTRONIC® PLUS, at our Newport Beach showroom. Try out these features for yourself when you set up a test drive of a new Mercedes-Benz today!

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