Where the Picnickers Go


It’s National Picnic Day! So, pack up your picnic basket, round up your friends and family, and enjoy a day of fun and food in the great outdoors.

Living in Southern California, you are lucky to have an abundance of A+ picnic spots to choose from. On the other hand, this poses its own problem, where to pick?! We’ve made it easy by giving you epic options to choose from.

Family: Taking the little ones with you on your picnic extravaganza? Well, you are going to want to ensure they will be safe and remain occupied! We have found the ultimate family picnic spot for you and your little ones. Enjoy your outing at “Lighthouse Park” or “Marina Park” on the peninsula in Newport Beach. This cute playground is right on the water and is jam-packed with fun for your kids! Bright, nautical, and ocean themed play structures are perfect for a photo-shoot, so don’t forget  to bring your camera along! Not only will the little ones stay entertained with the awesome play structures, but it’s not a bad spot for adults either. The view is firstclass and there are picnic tables that you can reserve ahead of time (call 949-644-3151) for 100% comfort.

Romantic: For an ultra-romantic picnic setting, set up camp on “B” street in Newport Beach. Here, you can lay out a blanket, start a fire at one of the many woodburning fire pits, and then watch the sun go down with your sweetie. If this doesn’t get the sparks flying I don’t know what will!

Friends: This is not your typical picnic outing, but it’s guaranteed to be an unforgettable afternoon! Picnic literally on the water aboard a Duffy boat with your friends! They normally rent by the hour and you can find ones that fit up to 12 people, plus you can always check Groupon for killer deals. Duffy boats are basically picnic party boats which means you can bring all the food, music, and adult beverages that you wish. Just be sure to designate a sober captain to steer your course.  😉

Dogs: Why leave your furry friend at home when you can bring them with you to enjoy some fresh air?! Newport Beach is pretty pet friendly when it comes to dogs, but to keep people happy remember to leash your pets and clean up after their messes. Take advantage of the time they are allowed on designated beaches and let your furry friends feel the sand beneath their paws by picnicking after 4:30pm. That’s still three and a half hours of daylight to picnic with your pets!

Now for the most important step in the picnic process, FOOD! When it comes to food, it’s all about the presentation. Have fun when preparing your eats and get creative!

Snacks: Watermelon is a summertime favorite, for presentation purposes, cut the watermelon into triangles leaving the rind and then stick a popsicle stick into the rind and wala, melon-sickles! No picnic is complete without cheese, and what’s better than cheese? A cheese platter! Grab the biggest cutting board that you own, all the cheeses you can find, and pair them with nuts, fruits, chocolates, and crusty bread. To keep track of what cheese is what, make little toothpick name tags and stick them into the cheeses.

Appetizer: Salad is a great picnic appetizer. Make it colorful and add strawberries and blueberries. Against the green leaves, the red and blue will really pop!  Hint, hint, a festive plate for an upcoming patriotic holiday.

Main meal: Sandwiches are always a good choice, setup the ingredients buffet style and let people pick their own toppings, or if you know what everyone likes, make the sandwiches ahead of time and package them up in brown paper bags and tie with a string.

Dessert: So what’s on the menu for dessert? They are sweet and salty, so everyone will enjoy these S’more Pops! To make them you will need: straight pretzels, marshmallows, dipping chocolate, and graham crackers crumbs. Stick the pretzel into the marshmallow, dip into the chocolate and let slightly harden, then dip into the crushed up graham crackers and let harden completely. Keep cool so the chocolate doesn’t melt and enjoy!

Drinks: I bet after all this food talk you are pretty parched! Lemonade with frozen fruit is a great choice to quench your thirst. Serve in mason jars and paper straws for a summertime vibe.

Don’t forget: Blanket, corn hole, volley ball, water balloons, umbrella for shade, sunscreen, bug spray, a good book, silverware, sun hat, and trash bags!

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