St. Patrick’s Day Detox

March 18th, 2016 by

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Well, let’s be honest…how many seconds of corned beef did you all serve yourselves this St. Patrick’s Day?  Just in case you were feeling a tiny bit guilty after your intake, we put together a list of juice bars all within or near the Newport Beach vicinity that carry several juice detox options.  We established earlier this year healthy habits come and go, but the most important part of living healthy is trying more than not right??  Don’t get stuck with post St. Patrick’s Day abdominal pains and try out a health conscious juice for natural treatment.  See below for all local and recommended juices, and don’t forget to let us know of your recommended juice stop!


Nekter Juice Bar

Located in multiple areas throughout Orange County, popular juice chain, Nekter offers a complete health conscious menu including juice cleanses, acai bowls, and pressed juices.  A recommended juice to try this weekend is the Toxin Flush.  With parsley, spinach, apple, lemon, and ginger this juice concoction is meant to help the body naturally rid itself of toxins in the blood and liver.


Pressed Juicery

Also located throughout Orange County is Pressed Juicery, a juice stop specializing in cold-pressed juices, cleanses, and frozen vegan treats.  One of the most popular of the ‘greens’ juice line is Greens 3.  This juice is packed with super greens including apple, celery, cucumber, ginger, kale, lemon, parsley, romaine, and spinach.


Drinkbar Juicery

Located within Union Market at the District at Tustin Legacy, this juice bar prides itself in being an all organic, Non HPP, handcrafted juicery.  Of their menu items, a must try this weekend is wellness shot, No. 2 Elixir. This 2 oz. drink contains chlorella, cilantro, kelp, and apple.  Chlorella alone helps speed the cleansing of the bloodstream and cilantro is known to detox the body from heavy metals.


Mother’s Market

Just in case you get a little hungry during your detox, stop by super- food grocery store Mother’s Market in Irvine or Costa Mesa, or any of their Orange County locations, to check out their clean café menu, organic food products, and juice bar.  Their Cleansing Cocktail, composed of carrot, apple, beet, and ginger sounds like it’ll do just the trick.  Feel free to sip while you shop!



This organic, fresh, glass-bottled juice is available at many retail locations from Los Angeles down to San Diego. Their line-up includes pressed juices, purity elixirs, and wellness shots. You’ll definitely want to get your hands on the watermelon juice while it is in season. Once you are hooked, you can even sign up for home delivery. Even better than that, we have partnered up with Shakti as one of our sponsors for our upcoming Going Green Service Clinic! Make sure to RSVP here starting Monday, March 20 for a bi-annual wellness check for your Mercedes-Benz. Participants in our clinic will receive a great discount on any recommended repairs and a Fletcher Jones Gift Bag. Please see our website for full details.

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