Check Engine Light Diagnosis in Orange County

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If your Mercedes-Benz check engine light vehicle has turned on, it’s time to visit the service center at Fletcher Jones Motorcars Newport Beach for a check engine light diagnosis. Fully staffed by Master Certified Mercedes-Benz Technicians, our team is trained to swiftly identify the cause of an illuminated check engine symbol, make repair or replacement recommendations, and ensure all maintenance and repairs are done exactly as intended by the manufacturer. Learn how to diagnose your check engine light below.

Why is My Check Engine Light on?

When the check engine sign inside your Mercedes-Benz comes on, it can mean many things. Whether it’s an indicator of a pressing issue, or a warning of a potential problem, you should have it diagnosed by a professional as soon as possible. There are a wide variety of reasons the check engine light may come on, such as a failing ignition coil. While few of them indicate an absolute emergency, that doesn’t mean you should ignore the check engine light. The reason may be as simple as a poor seal on your gas cap, or it could indicate something much more problematic, such as a faulty catalytic converter, but the only way to know for certain is to visit a service center for diagnosis.

Mercedes-Benz Certified Service

When you bring your Mercedes-Benz vehicle to Fletcher Jones Motorcars Newport Beach for service, our factory-trained technicians will utilize the latest technology to diagnose the issue causing your check engine light to come on. Once we have a diagnosis, we’ll explain to you exactly what issues need to be addressed, and how pressing each matter is if there are multiple malfunctions. Once we’ve determined which adjustments need to be made, we’ll use only genuine parts and fluids to complete all repairs to the highest quality, and complete a Mercedes-Benz check engine light reset.

Visit Us Near Costa Mesa for Check Engine Light Diagnosis!

If the check engine light inside your Mercedes-Benz vehicle is illuminated, head over to the service center at Fletcher Jones Motorcars Newport Beach, located near Irvine, for a check engine light diagnosis. Using genuine OEM parts and fluids, our Master Certified Technicians will determine the maintenance and repair needs of your vehicle and have you back on the road quickly. If you have any other questions, feel free to contact our team of service experts. We are happy to teach you more about the Mercedes-Benz warning lights and meanings on your dashboard and give you helpful tips on how to best take care of your vehicle!