Healthy New Year Recipe

January 8th, 2016 by

Happy New Year! We certainly hope you all are making moves to fulfilling those resolutions you promised you’d stick to this time around. A popular resolution that creates quite the buzz every year is achieving health and fitness goals, however, sometimes life gets in the way and these goals tend to fall through. Therefore, this week on our blog we want to help keep those old habits away by sharing a health conscious meal made from ingredients picked up at local shop, Growers Ranch. If you’re constantly on the go or in the mood for a quick and healthy meal, give this egg sandwich a try! The key to quick meals is the addition of one superfood vegetable, watercress being one of Growers Ranch’s favorite. Add this vegetable to sandwiches, salads or soups for additional flavor and nutritional kick! Take a look at all recipe details below, and don’t forget to stop by Growers Ranch for their great selection of organic fruits, vegetables, dips, salsa’s and locally made breads.

1. Two slices Old Town Baking Company squaw bread
2. Two hardboiled Farm Fresh free range organic chicken eggs
3. Handful of watercress
4. Your choice organic dip
5. Salt and Pepper

1. Toast your bread or keep as is
2. In a bowl, combine and mash the two hardboiled eggs, organic dip, and add a pinch of salt and pepper to taste
3. Spread the egg combination on one side of your bread
4. Add in the handful of cut watercress
5. Enjoy!

FJ Newport-Egg Sandwich

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