New and Expecting Moms of Fletcher Jones

Ever since you were a bun in the oven, your mother more likely than not worked very hard for you. She put you first and always let you have that last piece of cake, even if she was hoping to snag it. When those mean kids at school were bullying you, she made sure you knew that everything was going to be okay. Mom was always there to help you with your homework, even if it meant driving back home after dropping you off at school and then back to school again to deliver it to you because you forgot your backpack, again. She was there when you scored the winning goal at your first varsity match and she made sure you always looked your best. Your mom kept your stomach full and made sure you felt loved one way or another. This Mother’s Day we would like to honor all mothers for never giving up on us and for always loving us. Until you are a mom, you never really know what it’s like to be one and appreciate them for everything, every little thing that they have sacrificed for us. In this article we will be featuring new and expecting mother’s and getting an inside look into what it’s really like to be a mom.


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Tamara San Miguel is due to have her 1st baby (a boy) the 15th of September and had a lot to say when asked about being a new mother. “I want to become a better person for my lil guy, in every way possible. Mentally, to be a good teacher and example for him. And of course financially, so he can have what he wants and needs. To ensure that he grows up to be a man of integrity, I plan on teaching him love and acceptance first and foremost.” We asked Tamara what being a mom to be has taught her and she a great answer. “My biggest takeaway from this experience is knowing what it’s like to care about something/someone more than yourself.” What is some advice you have to give new and expecting moms? “Actually my mom has given me some great advice that I have implemented and believe that every mom should. She told me to remain as stress free and as happy as possible. This has helped me create a great environment for my baby starting in the womb. To do this I eat healthy and stay active. But then there are those times I crave chocolate… but I crave fruit too!” What is your favorite part so far about being a mom? “My favorite part so far is feeling when my baby moves in my belly.” Do you have any plans for Mother’s Day? “Yeah! My fiance and I have plans to go out for breakfast.”mothersday (2)

Rebecca Rice had her first baby about five months ago and is greatly enjoying the treasure that is motherhood. Rebecca had a lot to say about her life as a new mother.  “I love watching him grow and evolve. Everyday he grows in a new way and it’s quite exciting to witness! My priorities have changed and my little guy has given me new motivation especially being a working mom. I have a new level of patience as a new mom.” What are some things that you want to make sure your baby learns? “I want to make sure he has the confidence to pursue his true passions and talents in life. I want to make sure he is strong, honest and kind. I hope to instill these values in him as he grows.” Any advice for other new and expecting moms? “Try to stay healthy and active during your pregnancy. You are going to need that extra strength when you’re a new mom. My mom also gave me some good advice I’d like to share: follow your intuition. As a mother, this advice hasn’t failed me yet.” Did you have any specific cravings while you were pregnant? “Yes! Mint chocolate gelato and cantaloupe.” What are your plans for Mother’s Day? “To spend my first Mother’s Day with my family.”



Brooke Massi is a new mom to her second boy. Here is what she had to say about being a mom. “Being a mom is such a gift that not everyone gets to experience there is truly nothing else like it, it is out of this world! Becoming a mom has changed my entire life. My life is for my children and there is no greater feeling than putting a smile on their faces. What are some things you want for your boys? I want both of my boys to find their passions and have a life filled of happiness and fulfillment. I want them to love with their whole hearts and not to be afraid. I want them to trust in God and themselves. I hope for them to be kind, to have integrity, and respect. It’s my mission to teach them those things. Is there any advice your own mom gave you that you take into your life now that you are a mom? “My mom taught me that each child is different and to always remember that they have separate personalities. She always used to say “you’ll understand one day when you’re a mom” and well yes, I completely understand now what she meant. Do you have any plans for Mother’s Day? “I’m going to the San Clemente Pier with the family.”



Heather and Baby

Heather Cunliffe
is a new mom to a beautiful baby girl. Heather had some good insights about being a mom. “Being a mom has helped me to realize what is important in life. I have to enjoy every minute that I have with my baby, because she changes literally every day. It has also helped me to become more patient.” What are some things that are important to teach your child? “I want to teach her about respect and I also want to teach her to work really hard and strive to reach her goals, whatever they are.” Was there any advice your mom gave you and was right about? “Yes, moms are always right. ;p” Did you have any pregnancy cravings? “I craved curry food all the time!” What are your plans for Mother’s Day? “To celebrate with my baby for the first time.”




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