National Trivia Day

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FJ Mercedes Trivia
Happy National Trivia Day!  How well do you think you know the Mercedes-Benz brand?  Test out your knowledge with our trivia questions and check your answers with the provided answer key.  Good luck and let us know how well you did!  If you’re looking to take National Trivia Day to the next level, head out to Kitsch Bar and Durty Nelly’s in Costa Mesa to participate in their weekly Trivia Night’s.  All events are listed in their calendars, have fun!

1. What is the age of the oldest found Mercedes car in the world?

  1. 99 years old
  2. 100 years old
  3. 101 years old

2. In which F1 Grand Prix did Mercedes make its debut?

  1. Argentine Grand Prix 1954
  2. Belgium grand Prix 1954
  3. French Grand Prix 1954

3. How many horsepower’s did the first Mercedes-named car have?

  1. 27
  2. 35
  3. 42

4. After who is the Mercedes car named?

  1. The daughter of its first buyer, Emil Jellinek
  2. The famous Argentinian singer, Mercedes Sosa
  3. Gottlieb Daimler’s thoroughbred horse

5. What does the three pointed Mercedes star represent?

  1. The three daughters of Mercedes’s first innovator
  2. Germany, Austria, Switzerland
  3. Land, Sea and Air

6. When did Mercedes and Benz unite?

  1. 1926
  2. 1911
  3. 1945

7. What is the name of the company today which owns the Mercedes marque?

  1. Mercedes-Benz
  2. Silver Arrows Mercedes
  3. DaimlerChrysler





A, C, B, A, C, A, C

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