Happy International Dance Day

April 29th, 2015 by

Happy International Dance DayToday is International Dance Day! To celebrate, we’ve decided to showcase an ever-increasingly popular style of dance that has swept the world over. Originating in the Dominican Republic in the 1960s, Bachata Dancing has been gaining momentum ever since. The original dance style from the Caribbean has evolved over the years and there are now several different types of practices. The main ones include Dominican, Traditional, Fusion Style, Bachatango and Modern Bachata.

Two members of our Fletcher Jones Team just so happen to be Bachata dancers! So we decided to interview them to learn a bit more about the dance culture and discover where people can go to learn and dance. For Jonathan Moreno and Alex Aviles, Bachata has become one of their favorite pastimes. After a long day of work, all they can think about is dancing! It’s a great way to relieve stress. The two have been practicing for the past four years and even became friends through the Bachata community.

Happy International Dance DayIf anyone is interested in experiencing Bachata first hand, Jonathan and Alex recommend Tapas in Newport Beach, Stevens Steakhouse in Commerce, Granada in Alhambra, PCH in Long Beach, and Cafe Sevilla in Long Beach. Oftentimes, classes begin earlier in the evening and then, later in the evening, the venues transition to more of a club-like atmosphere where people can practice what they’ve learned.

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