Get Your Work Done Off Your Bum

Tips to be fit and active at work

As summer approaches you may be asking yourself, “How can I be more active at work? I have a job that requires me to sit most of the time.” The average American spends an absurdly long time sitting down. For people who work at a desk this number spikes even higher. Think about it, you sit at meals, sit while watching TV, and sit during your daily commutes. Unfortunately, we sit the majority of our time.

Prolonged sitting is associated with risk of heart disease, obesity, diabetes, cancer, depression, muscle problems, and joint issues. Prolonged sitting has been nicknamed “the sitting disease” and “the new smoker”.  Yikes, Right? Hold your horses. We want to set the record straight. Research finds that even heavy workouts before or after work do not compensate for extended periods of sitting. Don’t worry, all is not lost. With lifestyle changes, the negative effects of sitting can be countered. To beat the sitting disease, bursts of activity throughout the day need to be implemented.

          Here are some creative ways to get your work done off your bum!

  • fitness carStand and walk more. Standing and walking boots energy levels, increases blood flow, improves metabolism, betters your posture, tones muscle, and can even help with productivity. Take your calls standing up. It might seem unnatural at first but this is a great way to get your standing minutes in your day.
  • Use your ten minute breaks to walk around your office or building instead of sitting in the break room or surfing the net at your desk.
  • Use the stairs instead of taking the elevator.
  • Hold standing or walking meetings. If you are an employer, this pertains to you. Be prepared with pre-written notes that you can easily add to and send out to everyone after the meeting. This system has been shown to boost productivity and it’s also a mood enhancer. People often feel drained after a long meeting. With this method, your employees will leave happy, retain more of the information presented in the meeting, and actually be much more productive when they finally go back to their desks to perform the work.
  • Walk over to your colleague’s desk or office instead of calling them or emailing them.
  • If you have the option and the means, invest in a standing desk or exercise ball. Just remember, there are certain ways to stand and sit using the ball or standing desk and you should do a little bit of research before purchasing either.
  • Program reminders in your phone or on your computer to notify you to fix your posture or to get up and walk around. A simple solution to this is the Apple Watch which has a reminder system built in to tell you when it’s time to stand up and lets you know when you’ve completed the allotted movement time goal. The Apple watch also has a heart rate monitor built in which is just handy to have.
  • If you have an office, arrange things that you frequently use so that you can’t reach them all from where you sit at your desk. This will ensure that you are moving all the time.
  • If you sit at a desk and have a rolling chair, perform chair pushes. Don’t know what these are? Position yourself facing your desk, place your arms by your side and take hold of the edge of your desk with your hands. Then, using your arm muscles and abdominals, push yourself away from your desk and then yourself back in toward your desk. Do these while reading emails or researching something, anything that doesn’t require the use of your hands, like typing.

On top of staying active at work, there are other areas you need to stay cautious about while trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle. We aren’t going to go into much depth, but here are some local places to check out that will help to keep you on the healthy lifestyle track.

Looking for a gym to become a part of or switch to? Don’t know what style workout is for you? You’re in luck! 333 E 17th St in Costa Mesa has everything you are looking for. With a strong sense of community this small shopping center offers a wide variety of fitness classes, great healthy food, and for the win, parking there is never a hassle!

Stop by Circuit Cycle where you will have a workout of a life time! If you love a hard workout and great company this is the place for you. Taryn and Morgan are two of the best instructors around and are so good at what they do; they will keep you motivated whilst spilling out highly positive energy. You will no doubt leave this class feeling like you are on cloud nine.

Cycle not for you? Not to worry! Next door you have plenty of other options. Get to know JB, release some stress, and manage your anger by taking his boxing class. You can schedule one on one sessions or take small group classes, and even enroll your child in a kids boxing class too!

Want extra attention and a personalized training experience? Sean and Trevor are two awesome personal trainers at T-Zone Fitness and will help you achieve any of your personal fitness goals! With a long list of return clients you know that this place helps you get the results you are dreaming of.

Prefer something that’s aimed toward relaxation and stress relief? Try out Escape Pilates. At Escape you will increase your flexibility and escape to your Zen place while getting the satisfaction of a hard workout without feeling like you’re working out intensely.

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