Friendship Day: The Bro Cars

August 3rd, 2018 by

We all have our differences—same goes for our friendships—but at Fletcher Jones, we don’t choose with whom we befriend.  Just like the friendship the CLA Coupe and GLA SUV have; they’ve gone through tough times for the longest time as they still have their differences here and there.

For instance, the former is 56.6 inches at height and 182.3 inches at length while the latter is 60.0 inches at height and 173.9 inches at length, and respectively, with the width of 70.0 inches and 71.0 inches.  As we all know, size matters and every inch counts. Let’s take a look at these bad boys!

But enough about the appearances, and let’s dig in a little deeper and see why they have been best friends.  Both have 2.0L I4 with Front/Transverse Mounted of 208 horsepower at 5500 rpm engines and can host five passengers, though the CLA 250 will last longer at 37 mpg on Newport Beach’s highways compared to the GLA 250’s 33.


Both interior layouts are genuine wood trim located on the instrument panel as well as navigation aid with real-time traffic and voice activation—you can make sure that both of them will be listening closely to you.  Both also offer amazing leather seats with front dual power lumbar support, so you’d feel comfortable in any position.

Now, let’s talk about their safety: both have all the standard airbags, restraint systems, and child safety features as well as a locking system for your security—which is great if you want to be careful and feel secure!  But we all know how those look like!  Go for a drive to Coastal Peak Park here in Newport Beach!  It’s one of my fave parks because of a hidden viewpoint!  (Let me know if you found the viewpoint!)

Comment below which Mercedes-Benz car you’d prefer!

Check out the CLA 250 and GLA 250!