Happy International Women’s Day

Newport Denise Banner


Happy (almost) International Women’s Day!  Paved by the brave, outspoken and courageous women of our past, this holiday honors our generation of women worldwide…and we’re not skipping out on honoring our own!  The many women that make up Fletcher Jones Motorcars are diverse within their own kind, as they come from places near and far and work in diverse professions here as well.  These dedicated women are rocking the auto industry and we couldn’t be more proud to work with them.  Part of our notable female staff is Master Certified Sales Consultant Denise Banner, whose career spans 17-years here at Fletcher Jones Motorcars.  We had the opportunity to ask her a few questions in celebration of her career and female empowerment.  Check out her answers below:


FJ: What have you done professionally here that you succeeded at and were proud of?

DB: My goal is to provide our guests with a World Class Experience and personalized attention; in return most of my current business is from repeat and referrals.


FJ: How do you seek to improve your auto expertise?

DB: In the beginning of my career with Mercedes-Benz there was no official product training; however over the years Mercedes-Benz has developed ongoing training for Sales Associates and our support staff.  Product knowledge is important and fortunately the training is available.


FJ: How do you feel you set examples to females around you who might be interested in holding your same position one day?

DB: They see how dedicated I am to my career and the reward of how many guests come in and ask for me personally.


FJ: What does women empowerment mean to you?

DB: My career here at FJMC/NB has empowered me to provide a car buying service to men and women of all ages with a style different from the typical car buying experience.


FJ: What values would you consider important and essential for all women?

DB: The values that are most important and essential are integrity, loyalty and honesty.


FJ: What is the best advice you can give to our young girls and teens who want to pursue male dominated careers?

DB: If you have a passion for something, with hard work and determination it is achievable. 

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