Should I Lease or Finance My New Mercedes-Benz?

At Fletcher Jones Motorcars Newport Beach, we often hear our guests asking, “Should I lease or finance my new Mercedes-Benz?” Our team at Fletcher Jones Motorcars would like to assist you in this, which is why we recommend comparing the two options below:

Discover the Route for You: Financing vs. Leasing

Financing Your Mercedes-Benz

If your goal is to have full ownership of your Mercedes-Benz and you have a down payment saved, then financing may be the route for you.

  • Down payment & car loan are expected
  • Monthly payments required for the life of the loan
  • Once the loan has been paid in full, the lender will turn the title over and you are the owner of your vehicle
  • No more monthly payments after loan is paid in full
  • Your Mercedes-Benz will outlive the Mercedes-Benz four-year/50,000 mile New Vehicle Limited Warranty, which means you are responsible for the costs of any issues that arise thereafter.
  • Consider financing a Certified Pre-Owned Mercedes-Benz, which includes CPO Limited Warranty of 12 months with unlimited miles

Leasing Your Mercedes-Benz

If you would like lower monthly payments, the option of $0 down payment, and having the option of driving the newest Mercedes-Benz model sooner than later, then leasing your Mercedes-Benz may be the route for you.


Preferred Owner Benefits

After financing or leasing your Mercedes-Benz at Fletcher Jones Motorcars, you’ll gain exclusive access to Fletcher Jones Preferred Owner Benefits. Discover the benefits of being a Preferred Owner at Fletcher Jones Motorcars.

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*The Mercedes-Benz New Vehicle Manufacturer Warranty Four-year/50,000 mile does not include routine and factory-recommended maintenance. While leasing a Mercedes-Benz at Fletcher Jones Motorcars, you will be responsible for routine and factory-recommended maintenance.