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Mercedes-Benz Tire Pressure Monitoring System

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Your Mercedes-Benz Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) helps you stay safe on the road in Irvine and Costa Mesa. Whether you’re commuting to the office or cruising to the beach, proper tire pressure fosters good road traction and helps maintain efficiency. The Mercedes-Benz TPMS alerts you when low-tire-pressure conditions are detected so you can stop and air up. However, you can also use the TPMS to check your tire pressure on the instrument cluster. Read on to learn more with the Fletcher Jones Motorcars service center!

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How to Use the Mercedes-Benz TPMS to Check Your Tires

First, do you know the recommended cold tire pressure (the tire pressure before the vehicle is driven and the tires heat up from friction) for your Mercedes-Benz model? Unlike many vehicles that list the tire pressure on the driver’s door jamb, Mercedes-Benz puts the recommended cold tire pressure inside the fuel door.

Now that you know what your tire pressure should be, here’s how to use your Mercedes-Benz TPMS to check the tire pressure before hitting the road in Huntington Beach:

  • Start your vehicle
  • Use the left and right arrow keys on the steering wheel to navigate to the “Service” menu
  • Use the up and down arrow keys to get to “Tire Pressure” then hit “OK”
  • The current tire pressure for each tire will display on the digital instrument cluster

What Should You Do When You See the TPMS Warning Light?

The warning light for the Mercedes-Benz Tire Pressure Monitoring System is a yellow flat tire icon. When you see it on your dashboard, you should follow the steps above to determine which tire has low pressure. You will need to visit a tire filling station at a local Laguna Beach gas station to add air to the tire, but be careful not to overinflate it. Keep in mind that the tire pressure when you reach the gas station will be a little off because the tires have heated up on the drive there.

How to Reset Your TPMS

After adding air to your tires, you may need to reset the TPMS manually. If the light doesn’t turn off after a few miles of driving, simply follow the aforementioned instructions to navigate to the TPMS menu. Once there, press the down arrow on your steering wheel and press “OK” to restart the TPMS. You should see the tire pressure numbers adjust on the screen, indicating that the system has been reset.

Does Your Mercedes-Benz TPMS Need Service?

Sometimes, the Mercedes-Benz Tire Pressure Monitoring System light comes on because the system itself needs service. If the light flashes for a minute or more before going solid and remaining on, it could mean you need to have the battery for the TPMS sensor replaced. It’s important to get this service done so your TPMS can accurately monitor your tires in Orange County.

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