Experienced Mercedes-Benz Oil Filter Replacement at Fletcher Jones Motorcars Newport Beach

Filter Replacement
Oil filter replacement* is one of the most familiar and important auto services, yet it frequently gets overlooked. However, when you own a Mercedes-Benz, every aspect of your vehicle is designed to amplify performance; putting crucial repairs on the backburner isn’t recommended if you’re looking to retain your vehicle’s categorical power. Read on to learn more about this small yet essential repair, and how our Master Certified Technicians can help!

How Often is Replacement Service Needed?

Typically, an oil filter is replaced with the oil. As it lubricates the engine, motor oil collects debris and sludge – most of which is caught by the filter. Over time, the filter, as well as the oil, becomes bogged down with contaminants. If left unchecked, a dirty filter will eventually begin to affect engine performance, fuel economy, and longevity. To ensure clean oil isn’t passing through a contaminated filter, or vice versa, it’s a good idea to stay up on routine repairs.

Fortunately, the Flexible Service System (FSS) simplifies maintenance management for Mercedes-Benz owners. The FSS includes two integral service schedules: Service A** and Service B.** The first interval, Service A,^ is required at the first 10,000 miles or after 1 year, while Service B^ is recommended at the first 20,000 miles or after 2 years. At the end of your Service A and B intervals, our Master Certified Technicians will perform a Synthetic Motor Oil Replacement, and follow it up with an oil filter replacement.

Our Master Certified Technicians Have You Covered

Mercedes-Benz is a brand founded on mechanical and technological excellence. When you bring your vehicle to our Master Certified Technicians, you’re putting it in the capable hands of professionals with the training necessary to diagnose and repair problems, as well as complete the simplest of maintenances. Even a repair as small as an oil filter replacement should be left to our team of experts. They’ll know exactly which OEM parts to use for your vehicle, and how to install them for the best possible performance and efficiency.

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