Mercedes-Benz Suspension Repair in Newport Beach

Mercedes-Benz Service Center
Your Mercedes-Benz vehicle is a high-performance driving machine, engineered to deliver the ultimate in handling and agility. If the suspension on your car or SUV is showing signs of distress it’s time to pay a visit to the service center at Fletcher Jones Motorcars. With the latest technology, genuine OEM parts, and factory-trained Mercedes-Benz technicians, it’s no wonder Orange County drivers trust Fletcher Jones Motorcars for all their Mercedes-Benz suspension repair needs.

How Do I Know if My Suspension Needs Repair?

There are a few indicators that will clue you into whether your suspension needs repair. If you have noticeable tire or wheel shaking, or vibration felt through the steering wheel after hitting a bump, it’s a good indicator that your suspension could use a tune-up. The same is true if your vehicle is bottoming out on bumpy roads, speed bumps, or when backing out of the driveway, or if your ride is noticeably bouncy on a smooth road. If you feel rocking or swaying in strong crosswinds, or when you’re cornering at low or moderate speeds, the suspension is likely the culprit. In any of these scenarios, you should make an appointment for your suspension to be serviced.

What Does Mercedes-Benz Suspension Repair Entail?

Whether you have a 4-wheel independent suspension, AMG® RIDE CONTROL Sport Suspension, or AIRMATIC® suspension, each requires individualized knowledge and attention to detail. When you visit Fletcher Jones Motorcars, we’ll fully inspect the suspension to determine the cause of the symptoms you’ve noticed. Then, we’ll utilize the latest technology to determine the best course of action to repair the necessary components, and bring the suspension back to proper working order.

Importance of Certified Technicians

While it’s true you could visit any old repair shop around the corner, can you be assured that their mechanics have the training necessary to expertly repair and adjust your Mercedes-Benz? Only a certified Mercedes-Benz service center, like the one at Fletcher Jones Motorcars, is fully staffed by Master Certified Technicians – all of whom are factory-trained by Mercedes-Benz to tend to your vehicle as if it were being assembled for the first time. Putting your trust in a technician who isn’t comprehensively trained in the delicate art of Mercedes-Benz suspension repair could have disastrous results.

Visit Fletcher Jones Motorcars for Mercedes-Benz Suspension Repair

If your Mercedes-Benz vehicle’s suspension system needs repair, visit the Master Certified Technicians at Fletcher Jones Motorcars in Newport Beach. To book your appointment, contact our service department by phone at (949) 718-3200, or simply schedule service online. Our skilled staff can repair your suspension quickly and correctly, so you can confidently cruise the coast, or run errands around town.