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Safety & Service

Stolen Vehicle Assistance

Supporting local enforcement with vehicle theft cases.

  • Link your Mercedes me connect account and charge up immediately using any of the providers in the Mercedes me Charge charging network

  • Using Mercedes me connect to assist in stolen vehicle cases

  • Providing updates of the vehicle position data to local law enforcement

Although you cannot keep an eye on your Mercedes-Benz at all times, you can rest assured that the necessary steps will be taken as soon as possible in the event of theft. Our third-party provider provides vehicle directly to police. As a result, the investigations may start immediately which can increase the potential of retrieving your vehicle.

Your advantages at a glance.

Stolen Vehicle Assistance gives the customer a safe and streamlined way to assist local law enforcement officials in locating and potentially recovering stolen vehicles. After filing a police report on a stolen vehicle, the customer contacts the Customer Assistance Center with the police report case number and some additional details. Stolen Vehicle Assistance helps authorities locate stolen vehicles more quickly, which increases the chance of a successful recovery.

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