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Mercedes-Benz Navigation

For a fast and safe arrival: latest-generation Mercedes-Benz Navigation

  • Revolutionary voice control with natural speech recognition

  • Faster arrival with real-time Live Traffic Information and dynamic route guidance

  • Car-to-X Communication for information about accidents, roadworks or weather hazards


You get to your destination faster.

The Mercedes-Benz Navigation enables you to use the Mercedes me connect services Live Traffic Information and Car-to-X Communication. Thanks to traffic data in real time and the intelligent networking of vehicles, you know about weather hazards or breakdowns well in advance and simply choose the best alternative route.

Your advantages at a glance.

The POI search function helps you to find places of interest. And thanks the intuitive voice control, you can control the navigation system in your own words.
Live Traffic Information analyzes the traffic flow and if necessary suggests the best available alternative route. Whether you are driving in town, on country roads or on the motorway, the estimated arrival time is also automatically updated. The intelligent Mercedes me connect service Car-to-X Communication connects vehicles with each other and with the transport infrastructure. When the system receives information about hindrances on your route, you are given an early visual and audible warning.

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