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Live Traffic Information

Getting you quickly and safely to your destination: traffic data in real time on the navigation system – for optimized dynamic route guidance.

  • Dynamic route guidance based on real-time traffic data for shorter journey times

  • Detailed information on alternative routes and arrival times

  • Timely warning of danger spots thanks to information from the connected network


Finds the fastest route to your destination.

Live Traffic Information makes precisely this possible: Your route is modified automatically by reference to current traffic information, and you can continue your journey on less congested roads. Your arrival time is updated dynamically so that you know exactly when you will reach your destination. You stay on the move and can make the best possible use of your valuable time.


Safe and anticipatory driving with the aid of information from the connected network.

On a trip in the mountains you’re suddenly confronted with an icy patch around a bend and only just avoid skidding out of control. Thanks to Car-to-X Communication you can see such hazards coming and react in time. Vehicles equipped with this technology communicate with each other, so that information is relayed to your vehicle and you, in turn, also keep other drivers informed. You are warned by a marking on the navigation map and, where appropriate, by a spoken announcement. This way, you reach your destination safely, and without any unpleasant surprises.

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