How to Use the Mercedes-Benz Blade Key

How do you unlock your Mercedes-Benz with a dead key battery? It is possible that your key battery may die when you need to get into your Mercedes-Benz. Lucky for you, Fletcher Jones Motorcars has an easy fix. The key fob is equipped with a blade key hidden inside. Watch the video below or follow the steps to use your blade key!

  1. To release the blade, pull back the switch at the bottom end of the key
  2. Gently pull out the blade key
  3. Find the small key slot located underneath the door handle
  4. Take the blade key and press it into the key slot, then pull the blade key away from the door
  5. The end cap will release and expose the mechanical lock
  6. At this point you can insert the blade key and turn it 180 degrees
  7. You can now enter your car
  8. The blade key can also be used to lock and unlock your glovebox

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