How to Use Mercedes-Benz Park Assist

How do you use Mercedes-Benz park assist? Park assist is a convenient feature your Mercedes-Benz may have. It is there to help you in tight situations! Keep reading or watch the video below to learn how to use Mercedes-Benz park assist!

  1. Make sure your vehicle has park assist, there will be a blue “P” in the middle of your dashboard if it is equipped with park assist
  2. Drop your speed and press the parking assist button to the left of the controller on your center console
  3. A blue parking assist icon will appear on the instrument cluster and multimedia display
  4. After you have passed a space large enough to park, you should see an arrow
  5. Stop the car and put it into reverse
  6. It will ask if you want help and say yes by hitting the ok button
  7. Take your hands off the wheel but maintain brake pressure
  8. The car will take over to back into a spot
  9. Put the car into drive to straighten up
  10. You are parked!

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