How to Program a Mercedes-Benz Garage Door Opener

How do you program your Mercedes-Benz garage door opener? One of the handiest features in your Mercedes-Benz is the opportunity to program the buttons on your rear-view mirror to open your garage. Keep reading to set up your garage remote sync or watch the video below!

  1. Have your existing garage opening/closing remote handy
  2. Turn your vehicle’s ignition on
  3. Press and hold the first and last button on the rear-view mirror until the LED light on the mirror turns green
  4. Press and hold the button you want to pair, then let it go
  5. When the light is flashing orange, take the existing garage remote and press it about 1-6 inches away
  6. If the light turns green, you’re ready to go!
  7. If your light is flashing green ,there are a few more steps
  8. Exit the vehicle, with the ignition on
  9. Locate the “learn” or “train” button on your garage door motor and press it
  10. Return to your vehicle within 30 seconds of pressing it
  11. Press the desired button until the garage door reacts
  12. You’re good to go!

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