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Tire Repair & Maintenance in Newport Beach

Tire Maintenance in Newport Beach

Our customers know they can trust their tire care to our Master Certified technicians here at Fletcher Jones Motorcars. These experts know your Mercedes-Benz vehicles both inside and out, guaranteeing that you can always count on them for expert tire advice. Vehicle performance and the very lifespan of your tires depends on proper maintenance and care, and our team is available to help you keep your tires in peak condition.

No matter what kind of driving conditions you operate in, Mercedes-Benz recommends changing tires every six years.
Here at Fletcher Jones Motorcars, we're here to help, and we offer the following services:

  • Tire Inspection - To ensure that your vehicle is operating at its peak, routine tire maintenance is key. Be sure to service your car's tires and other mechanical parts to help save time and money, and also to keep your vehicle safe and performing well. Don't forget to check your tire pressure, either.
  • Wheel Alignment - Your suspension may be out of alignment if you find that your car is "pulling" to one side of the road as you drive. To remedy this problem, our maintenance team can perform a four-wheel computerized alignment on both the front and rear suspension.
  • Tire Rotation* - It's critical to rotate your tires to prevent uneven wear, shortened tire life, and reduced fuel efficiency.
  • Tire Balancing - Tires can become out of balance as they wear, causing vibrations and accelerating wear. If this is happening, our technicians can computer-balance all four wheels.

Whether you need tire repair, maintenance or replacement, you can trust the Mercedes-Benz tire specialists at Fletcher Jones Motorcars. Call (888) 897-1784 for more information.

* Per tire manufacturer recommendations. Vehicles with staggered width tires can not have their tires rotated.

Number One Claim based on MBUSA New and Pre-Owned Sales Results 12/31/14.