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Mercedes-Benz BlueTEC® Diesels

Mercedes-Benz BlueTEC® Diesels

Today's diesel technology is not the loud, dirty diesel of the past.  Automotive technology has grown tremendously since Mercedes-Benz debuted its first diesel engine over a century ago, and today's diesel engine is one of the cleanest options available.  We're incredible proud of this accomplishment, and we're sure that you'll be just as proud to drive a vehicle with this efficient powertrain.

What is BlueTEC®?

BlueTEC® technology is a breakthrough innovation that controls emissions and reduces the soot and pollutants that result from driving your Mercedes-Benz.  It sends exhaust gases through filters to the vehicle's catalytic converter, and mixes that with the water-based additive AdBlue, transforming nitrogen oxides into harmless water and nitrogen. 

This new engine is not only clean, it is also far quieter and more robust than its conventional, gas-powered counterparts, and it's available in the following five new models:

Efficiency, performance, and luxury. Pick three.

Why did Mercedes-Benz develop BlueTEC®?  So that drivers don't have to choose between a high-end luxury vehicle, a car with superb fuel economy, or one with exceptional performance and torque.  BlueTEC® offers it all, in one clean package.  It took more than 100 years of careful research and development, and now, the diesel engine technology of the future is here and ready for you to drive it.

How green is BlueTEC®?

We can't stress how eco-friendly Mercedes-Benz BlueTEC® truly is; it gets 20 to 30 perfect better fuel economy ratings than its gas-powered counterparts, and it allows drivers to travel more than 600 miles on a single tank of gas.  It does what most vehicles can't, complying with the most stringent pollution laws in the country and meeting the emissions standards of all 50 states.

How is BlueTEC® made possible?

Mercedes-Benz points to technology surrounding Ultra-Low Sulfur Diesel (ULSD) as the primary reason for the success behind this extraordinarily efficient powertrain.  ULSD is a fuel option that has significantly less sulfur content than that of traditional diesel fuel, and is the fuel of choice for all of the automaker's diesel vehicles.

Want clean-diesel efficiency?  Explore our BlueTEC® models in the new and pre-owned inventory.   Call us at (888) 696-7128 or visit us today at Jamboree and the 73.  Driven to excellence.

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