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Mercedes-Benz AMG®

What words come to mind when you think about Mercedes-AMG®?  Style and luxury?  Performance and precision?  We're sure you've already thought of all of these, and we want to make sure that you consider the following as well: classic, aggressive, and passionate.  These are ingrained in the very DNA of the brand's artisan division.


AMG® has been focused on a single idea since its origin: One Man - One Engine.  This philosophy embodies the idea that there is just one master mechanic responsible for building each and every AMG® engine, and this detail-oriented dedication to quality is in the core of the company to this very day.  Expert artisans build every single one of the incredible V8 and V12 engines that go into these vehicles to this very day, ensuring that each one is held to the highest standards possible.


"Dynamic" is a critical component of the AMG® philosophy.  Each vehicle achieves a high standard for delivering a thrilling, high-performance driving experience, with superb braking and dynamic handling while arriving in a stylish package. To AMG®, the word "dynamic" means that each vehicle stands free and unbridled, ready to confidently conquer the open road, and when this philosophy is coupled with the technology of the Mercedes-Benz brand, nothing is impossible.

Passion for Performance

This philosophy has held strong for more than 40 years, and to this day, the company still provides the very best automatic technology to its customers.  We boast a tremendous lineup of luxury vehicles at our dealership, each with its own finely crafted, high-performance engine under its hood, and every day, these vehicles acquire a new, passionate fan. 

Looking for extreme performance?  Fletcher Jones Motorcars is an official AMG® Performance Center.  Explore our AMG® models in the new
and pre-owned inventory.   Call us at (888) 696-7128 or visit us today at Jamboree and the 73.  Driven to excellence.

Number One Claim based on MBUSA New and Pre-Owned Sales Results 12/31/14.