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How To Videos

For your convenience, below is a selection of videos which explain and describe many of the systems and technology in your Mercedes-Benz. If you still have questions after reviewing these instructional videos, please feel free to contact our Service Department at (888) 897-1581 or our Parts Department at (888) 897-1784.

Bluetooth® Phone Pairing

Hands-free calling is just a matter of switching on your phone and selecting Phone, Bluetooth® Phones, Update. The subsequent prompts are easy to follow. Get started now.

KEYLESS-GO® Lock Unlock

If it's equipped with KEYLESS-GO®, your vehicle can be locked or unlocked without taking your key out of your pocket. Even close the sunroof or a window just by touching and holding the KEYLESS-GO® sensor surface until the item is shut. View now.

Exterior Light Switch

When you're parked for a short time in the dark, you can switch on your left or right standing lamps without inserting your key in the ignition. That's but one of many features of your exterior lights. Learn how to use it and many more.
Garage Door Opener

Few features are more convenient than your garage door opener. And it can be programmed to your vehicle quickly and easily. Watch the video for a complete demonstration.


Load Eject Disc Changer COMAND®

Load or eject CDs and DVDs with ease. Our COMAND® System has a display with disc icons that indicate which slots are filled and which are free. Click to see more.

Tailgate Height Limiter

If you encounter, say, a low garage ceiling, you'll need to limit the height that your vehicle's tailgate will open. This feature lets you do precisely that and can be programmed to open anywhere between halfway to eight inches from fully open.


Cruise Control

It's easy to go with the flow of traffic. That is, when you can increase or lower speed by increments of 5 mph - or even 1 mph. You can also end your cruise-control session with a tap of the brake. Or restore it just as quickly. Here's how.
Dual-Zone Automatic Climate Control

Select the best conditions for you and your front passenger. Better yet, learn about the Zone function and more. From A/C to Defrost and back again, you and yours remain in idyllic comfort.

Setting the Clock

GPS technology automatically takes care of setting the time and date. So you really only need to reset the clock in order to account for daylight savings time or if you're driving into a new time zone. Here's how it works.

SmartKey Battery Replacement

If the SmartKey battery is discharged and you can´t get to your dealer right away, this video can help guide you through the procedure to check and replace the battery. Watch now.

Voice Control Individualization

Here, you can find out how to use Voice Control's individualization feature to better recognize your voice. There's even a setting you switch off or on again anytime you - and only you - want to do the talking.

Summer Opening-Closing

Every driver in the summer knows the feeling: it's hotter inside the vehicle than out. Now you can cool the cabin before you enter it - remotely. Open the sunroof and all the windows and, if so equipped, activate the ventilated seats. Take a look.
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