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Mercedes-Benz Uses Airbags as a Last Resort

Mercedes-Benz has been working on airbag technology for over four decades. Yeah, you could call them an expert. You, could also call their airbags superior... You can call them superior. And, while the quality and sophisticated level of protection Mercedes-Benz airbags offer only continues to improve, times change. What was once a novelty becomes expected. It moves into more of a supporting role.

In a new ad, Mercedes-Benz portrays this evolution beautifully. In what is…

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Rare 1955 Mercedes-Benz 300SL Alloy Gullwing sells for $4.62m

Over the weekend Gooding & Company's Scottsdale, Arizona auction sold more than $39 million worth of vehicles, but there was undoubtedly one model which stole the show.

A 1955 Mercedes-Benz 300SL Alloy Gullwing sold for $4.2 million dollars which cost a total of $4.62 million after auction fees were taken into account. This represents a record selling price for the iconic classic car.

The final price heavily exceeded its expected value of...
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Mercedes-Benz Introduces the E300 BlueTEC Hybrid and E400 Hybrid

Mercedes-Benz has revealed two E-Class hybrids at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit.

Set to launch for Europe sometime in 2012, the E300 BlueTEC HYBRID uses the 4-cylinder diesel engine found in the E250 CDI. It produces 204 PS (150 kW / 201 bhp) and 500 Nm (369 lb-ft) along with a 20 kW electric motor producing 250 Nm (184 lb-ft) - that's a combined torque figure of 750 Nm (553 lb-ft) of torque...
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Mercedes-Benz 300SL Turns Sixty

To celebrate the 60th anniversary of the 300SL, Mercedes-Benz has fully-restored the oldest known surviving model.

Wearing the 194 010 00002/52 chassis number, the car was painstakingly reconditioned by the Mercedes-Benz Classic Center to the "highest standards of authenticity and quality." As an example of how detailed the process was, the repairs to the body took approximately five months. Despite the time consuming process, Mercedes-Benz decided to keep the original irregularities to highlight...
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Google and Daimler Extend Partnership

At the Consumer Electronics Show being held at Las Vegas, Daimler and Google announced a further strategic partnership to provide Daimler with ready access to its Google Maps API for Business. These Application Programming Interfaces are used for cloud-based, map-related applications, which Daimler vehicles will use. The partnership also provides for early access to other new APIs as they are developed.

The collaboration will enable Daimler to use Google Maps for their in-car map displays...
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Satisfy Your Inner Control Freak with Mercedes-Benz 4MATIC

Winter isn't the only season drivers feel trepidation. Sure, ice and snow can be cumbersome, but so too can a rain-slicked hairpin turn or steep incline. Whether in a December snow storm or an April deluge, the lack of control drivers feel can be terrifying. Happily, Mercedes-Benz has an antidote. It's called 4MATIC.

As the name suggests, 4MATIC is a highly proficient all-wheel drive system. What qualifies 4MATIC as highly proficient? Mercedes-Benz has…

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Five New Year's Resolutions That Can Help Fight Cancer


The key to celebrating more birthdays is to stay well.

Santa Ana, CA - December 21, 2011 - Before you make your New Year's resolutions, the American Cancer Society is encouraging the adoption of healthy lifestyle behaviors throughout the new year to reduce cancer risk. Evidence suggests that by taking preventive measures that will help you stay well - regular screening (health), regular exercise (active) a healthy diet (nutrition), and stopping smoking (quit) - you can reduce your...
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2 Million Mercedes-Benz SUVs were Sold in 2011

If you're a big fan of the big cars or the SUVs then you should be happy to know that other people are also picking up on that "fandom". As evidenced by a 2 million units of SUVs sold by Mercedes-Benz, the big, rounded vehicles are now a trend.

Mercedes-Benz head of sales and marketing said, "With the launch of our first sport utility vehicle - the G-Class - more than 30 years ago, we entered...
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